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What is HBO Account?

Now, there are a great deal of different networks presenting their streaming solutions, and it’s not surprising that HBO has got the list. HBO Account, also a direct-to-consumer video service, allows you to see your favorite HBO shows whenever you desire.

The service guarantees to offer something for everyone — from preschoolers to adolescents into grownups — with both scripted and unscripted series, rivalry shows, documentaries, cartoons for children and adults, pictures, and much more.

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HBO Account has many special features that make it stand out. Of course, if you should be thinking about trying it out, you should know what they are.

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What Platforms will HBO Account be Available on?

HBO Account is free for AT&T clients who are currently subscribed to HBO. AT&T clients with some newer unlimited plans also have free usage of HBO Account, which is available of all Apple devices, including Apple T.V., Android T.V. devices, Chromebooks, Google Chrome cast and Chromecast, and even YouTube T.V. It’s not, however, instantly available on the Amazon Fire Stick or Roku.

HBO also has agreements in place with several additional cable Providers and platform creators.

Cox Communications, the largest private telecom supplier in the U.S., gives all of Cox Contour’s existing HBO subscribers instant access to HBO Account at the launch at no cost, in addition to their existing HBO linear on-demand services. Other customers can also purchase HBO Account directly from Cox.

Each Verizon’s present Fios Television and Fios Internet customers who subscribe to HBO or HBO NOW get immediate use of HBO Account at no extra price. Verizon’s other Fios customers can purchase HBO Account directly from the business, as an add-on to video services, or as a standalone streaming service available to internet-only customers.

Altice USA is providing all of its present Optimum and Suddenlink HBO and HBO NOW subscribers’ immediate use of HBO Account and its enlarged programming at no additional cost. Additional Altice customers can purchase HBO Account directly from the company included in a cable T.V. package, being an add-on to your video package, or being a standalone streaming service readily available to internet-only customers.

HBO Account can also be available to many independent cables and even broadband companies via an agreement with NCTC. Existing HBO clients of those participating NCTC businesses get access to HBO account fully at no cost. In contrast, other clients can buy HBO Account directly through their cable or broadband service provider. For the full list of all NCTC’s member companies, visit

HBO Account is also accessible on PlayStation 4 along with X Box One gaming systems. PlayStation users in the U.S. who register to HBO Account can download the HBO Account app via the PlayStation Store. Xbox One users who subscribe to HBO Account are additionally able to obtain the HBO Account program on consoles and via the Microsoft Store.

Finally, HBO Account can be found on select Samsung T.V.s. Owners of Samsung smart television models created from 2016 forward can download and purchase HBO Account directly on the T.V.s.

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Benefits of HBO Online

As with HBO Go, new T.V. episodes appear on demand immediately – and you can skip ahead to find out the ending before T.V. viewers. It’s cheaper than paying for a cable T.V. package. You can drop HBO Now when your month is up.

Replicating the T.V. experience

Buy a streaming T.V. device. With HBO Now, you can watch on an Apple T.V. With HBO Go, Sling T.V. and Amazon, your options include the $100 Roku three and the $39 Amazon Fire T.V. Stick.

You have the streaming capabilities of-

  • PS-4
  • X Box One
  • I-OS (12.2 or after )
  • Android (5.0 or later)/Android T.V.
  • Chromecast
  • Apple T.V.
  • Samsung Smart T.V.s (2016 onwards)

Apple devices are supported at launching on iPhone, iPad; I pod signature, apple-tv 4K and Apple T.V. H.D. Users can sign up to HBO Account in-app, too. If you’re already subscribed separately,
of course, you’ll be able to login to the program and use it as ordinary.

Furthermore, subscribers can access HBO Account seamlessly within the Apple television app. If you own a second or 3rd generation AppleTV apparatus, you can stream HBO Account via air-play. Moreover, after a deal with Google, the service is also available on Android, Chromecast, and Android Television.

HBO Account can also be accessible On PS-4, Xbox One, Samsung Smart T.V.s from 2016 onwards.

HBO Account launch shows: originals you can stream on day one

Original Content is the Life Blood of almost any new streaming agency, and HBO Account features a lot in the works alongside the Content originating from HBO itself. Here would be the HBO Account first launch shows that can be found straight off:

Lovelife: an anthology series starring Anna Kendrick that investigates a single person’s romantic relationships.

About the Record: this documentary investigates the accusations enclosing music mogul, Russell Simmons, and also the relationship between women of color and even the #MeToo movement.

Craftopia: a crafting contest for kiddies, fronted by YouTuber, LaurDIY.

Legendary: eight houses of ‘divas’ compete for a cash prize in this unscripted series.

The Not-Too-Late-Show with Elmo: A’late-night’ talk show for kids with the legendary Desert.

Scroll down to older shows Which are coming back to HBO Account

Buy HBO Accounts, HBO Accounts to buy, HBO Accounts for sale, best HBO Accounts, HBO Accounts

HBO Account app features: downloads and recommendations clarified

HBO Account allows you to download Content for offline viewing. It also features a PIN platform for parental control, personalized profiles along with brand-based content hubs very similar to the way Disney Plus categorizes Star Wars and Marvel. In addition, you have the option of-viewing’ home pages that reflect the preferences of multiple individuals at dwelling.

If you’re sick of Netflix’s algorithm-based recommendations, HBO Account will feature choices from “talent and influencers”, using short videos accompanying this Content that they chose. That is somewhat different from how the other streamers are doing it. Since you can observe above, this ability comprises actors such as Bill Hader (Barry) and Regina King (Watchmen), both of which can be synonymous with all existing HBO shows.

Restrictions of HBO Streaming Service

Perhaps not every service will work with every device. Comcast subscribers can’t observe HBO Go on Amazon’s Fire-TV, for Example, however, Fire T.V. owners can get HBO through Sling Television. There are also blackouts due to rights problems. That happened with some overnight boxing programs on Sling television this past week. These services typically give you three streams simultaneously, intended for use in precisely the identical household.

Advantages HBO Accounts

Much like HBO Go, the app that satellite and cable T.V. subscribers have, HBO Now provides you instant access to new television episodes and movies, together with programs from years and months ago. Individuals who don’t subscribe to cable T.V. are currently able to watch hit shows such as Game of Thrones and Girls without “borrowing” parents’ accounts or turning into piracy sites.

So, if you want to enjoy these features then buy HBO Accounts now. We will give you a ready-made HBO account which is instantly usable for you. Therefore if you really need this then feel free to knock us.

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